Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

May 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Unless you live in the tropics, you’re bound to experience cold weather in the winter. When you do, your skin reacts…and sometimes not in a pleasant fashion. The cold outside can cause difficulties, and once you crank that heater inside, the drying process begins.Lips: There are two things you can do to protect your lips in cold weather. Well, one you shouldn’t do at all…that’s lick your lips. They will become more dry each time you do so.

The second is to make sure you wear lip balm to prevent them from reacting to the cold outside and the dry air inside.Face: Moisturizing is important for everyone, but becomes more so during cold weather. You may want to consult a specialist before you purchase a product, however.

They can analyze your skin and help you find the correct product for your skin type.Hands: Did you know that the skin on your hands is the thinnest on your body? They also have fewer oil glands. This sets them up for a lot of problems, especially in winter.

Besides the drying quality of the air, more frequent hand washings are required because it is cold and flu season.Again, moisturizing is important, but a couple of other tips could prevent problems. If you must wear wool gloves, put on some cotton gloves underneath to prevent that itchy feeling we all hate. Also, don’t wear wet gloves.

Feet: Wet socks are as bad for your feet as wet gloves are for your hands.

Also, if you have to wear snow boots or other heavy shoes to prevent falls, they can need some TLC. In winter, it’s important to exfoliate your feet on a regular basis so the moisturizer can get through to the skin that needs it. Don’t use light moisturizers in winter, look for something with petroleum jelly or glycerine. (And be careful if you walk barefoot afterwards…)

A few more tips can be useful as well. If you need to use the heater, set up a humidifier to add moisture back into the air. You could try what my elders did and set out bowls of water near the ducts, but that probably isn’t as useful. Also, just because it’s winter don’t forget the sunscreen. The combination of sun and snow glare can do a number on your skin.


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